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Sandrine Holt

Sandrine Holt , originally named ''Sandrine Ho'' is a model turned . She is currently married to rock producer/engineer Travis Huff.

She was born to a father and a mother. At the age of five, she moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which has been her home ever since. Holt attended St. Joseph's Morrow Park High School in Willowdale. She worked as a runway model in Paris before she became an actress.

Holt debuted as an actress in 1991, appearing in '''' by Bruce Beresford.
She has played characters of various ethnic origins. She starred as a Polynesian in '''' ; as Chinese in the telemovie and subsequent TV show '''' ; and as a reporter in her most recent major film role in 2004's ''Resident Evil: Apocalypse''.

In 2006, she appeared in a recurring role on the television series '''' as Evelyn Martin, the aide to Martha Logan. Starting 2007 she also took on the recurring role of Catherine Rothberg in Showtime's hit-series ''The L Word''.


Feature Films

Television roles

Awards and Nominations

* Genie Awards, 1991, Nominated for '''', Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role.

Robert Lee (actor)

Robert Lee is a actor of ethnicity.

He is best known for his appearances on television, particularly as the leader Shen Tang in the BBC crime series '''' and as Joe Ho, the father of ''The Chinese Detective''.

Other TV appearances include: ''Danger Man'', '''', '''', ''Dixon of Dock Green'', '''', ''The Tomorrow People'', '''', '''' , ''The Bill,'' and as Taro Nagazumi in the comedy series Mind Your Language.

Pui Fan Lee

Pui Fan Lee is a - actress, best known for portraying in the children's television program ''Teletubbies''. She was the first presenter, alongside , to introduce programming on the BBC digital channel CBeebies.

Early life

She was educated at New College Nottingham.


She has had a wide and varied career encompassing both ends of the acting spectrum . She portrayed Debra in the second season of the BBC television comedy series ''Chef!''. She also played a small part in the film '''' as one of the detainees of the Thai prison.

Mona Hammond

Mona Hammond is a Chinese Jamaican and co-founder of the Talawa Theatre Company. Although born in Jamaica, Hammond emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1959, where she has remained ever since. Hammond has had a long and distinguished stage career. She is best known for her work on British television, which has included various roles in sitcoms and playing Blossom Jackson in the BBC soap opera ''EastEnders''. She was made an OBE in the 2005 Queen's Birthday Honours List for her services to drama.

Early life

Hammond was born Mavis Chin to a father from Guangdong, and a Jamaican mother in Tweeside, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, West Indies. She moved to England in 1959 on a Jamaican Scholarship and worked for Norman and Dawbarn Architects. She attended evening classes at the City Literary Institute for two years and was awarded a Scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.


Hammond began her career on stage and made early appearances on television shows such as '''' and ''The Trouble Shooters'' . Her first leading role was Lady Macbeth at the Roundhouse in 1970 in Peter Coe's African version of the play. She went on to star in many plays by an array of up and coming black writers including ''Sweet Talk'' by Michael Abbensetts, ''11 Josephine House'' by Alfred Fagon and several plays written by Mustapha Matura including ''As Time Goes By'', ''Play Mas'' and ''Playboy of the West Indies''. She also spent two years at the Royal National Theatre in productions including ''Fuente Ovejuna'' and ''Peer Gynt'' directed by Declan Donnellan, and ''The Crucible''.

In 1985 Hammond along with Yvonne Brewster, Inigo Espejel and Carmen Munroe founded the Talawa Theatre company, which became one of the UK's most prominent black theatre companies. It has produced award-winning plays from and about the African diaspora and has championed reinterpretations of classical British pieces. Hammond performed in several of its productions including ''The Black Jacobins'', ''The Importance of Being Earnest'' and ''King Lear''.

Television work followed, which included roles in ''The Sweeney'' ; ''Wolcott'' , a 3-part ATV mini-series about a black detective based in East London; ''Black Silk'' ; ''Juliet Bravo'' ; ''Playboy of the West Indies'' , '''' and ''When Love Dies'' .

Hammond has appeared in ITV's ''Coronation Street'', playing the role of Jan Sargent and in 1994 she was cast as Blossom Jackson in BBC's ''EastEnders''. She remained in the role until 1997. This was Hammond's second role in the soap, having previously played the minor part of Michelle Fowler's midwife in 1986.

Hammond has played many roles in television sitcoms, including: ''Desmond's'' and its spin-off '''' ; ''Us Girls'' , where she played Grandma Pinnock; ''Chef!'' ; ''Brothers and Sisters'' and Grandma Sylvie Crouch in ''The Crouches'' .

In 1999 she played the role of Nan in the children's TV series ''Pig-Heart Boy'', based on a novel by Malorie Blackman and other television credits include ''Sunburn'' ; ''Storm Damage'' ; ''The Bill'' ; ''Babyfather'' ; ''White Teeth'' ; ''A Touch of Frost'' ; ''Holby City'' and '''' . She also appeared in the ''Doctor Who'' episode "Rise of the Cybermen" in 2006. Film credits include ''Fords on Water'' , ''Manderlay'' and '''' . Hammond appeared in the movie '''', directed by Roland Emmerich.


Hammond was awarded the Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2005 Queen's Birthday Honours List, for her services to drama in the UK. In 2006 Hammond was presented with the Edric Connor Inspiration Award - the Screen Nation Television and Film Awards' highest UK honour.

Max Minghella

Max Giorgio Choa Minghella is an actor. The son of late film director Anthony Minghella, he has appeared in several dramatic American films, making his feature film debut in 2005's '''' and starring in 2006's ''''.


Early life

Minghella was born in Hampstead, London, the son of Academy Award-winning British director Anthony Minghella and Carolyn Choa, a Hong Kong-born choreographer. Minghella spent time on his father's film sets while growing up, of which he has "fond memories", and has said that he has felt "no pressure" by his father to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Minghella was inspired to become an actor during his late teenage years, after seeing a production of the play ''This is Our Youth'' at London's ; he subsequently dropped out of the University College School to pursue an acting career, and attended the National Youth Theatre.


Although Minghella had a minor, uncredited appearance in his father's film, '''', his first professional role was in '''', playing the son of a dysfunctional Jewish American family. The film was released in November 2005 to mostly mixed reviews and low box office, grossing only $1 million in its limited release, although some critics remarked that Minghella was "a talented young actor to watch, delivering a strong performance".

Minghella had a minor role in the political thriller ''Syriana'', which was also released in November 2005, playing the son of George Clooney's CIA agent character. In 2006, he starred in the Daniel Clowes adaptation ''Art School Confidential'', a quirky comedy directed by Terry Zwigoff and co-starring Sophia Myles and John Malkovich.

His most recent film, which premiered at the South by Southwest film festival on March 10, 2007, is ''Elvis and Anabelle'', a dark romantic comedy in which he plays a mortician's son; the film co-stars Blake Lively and Mary Steenburgen. Minghella has described it as "a really sweet film".

In March 2008 it was announced that Minghella would star opposite Rachel Weisz in Alejandro Amenábar's second English-language film entitled ''''. It is reported that the film is set in fourth century Egypt and revolves around Weisz' character Hypatia of Alexandria. Later in 2008, Minghella is expected to be seen in three theatrical releases; '''', a film about Richard Neville set in 1960's London, '''' starring Simon Pegg, and a segment of the dark comedy ''Brief Interviews with Hideous Men'' in which he narrates.

Personal life

Minghella attends Columbia University, which he considers his "first priority", as part of the class of 2009. He typically works on films only during his summer break. Minghella has said that he feels like "an English boy at an American school", keeps to himself, and that most students at Columbia have "no idea" who he is.

He was previously linked to actress Camilla Belle and is currently dating MisShapes Leigh Lezark.


Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung is a Cannes Best Actress, Berlin Best Actress, six-time Hong Kong Film Award and four-time Golden Horse winning actress from Hong Kong. Raised in England, she has over 80 films to her credit since starting her career in 1983. She is the first Asian female to win a prize at the Cannes Film Festival.


Born in Hong Kong, Maggie Cheung traces her ancestry to Shanghai, China. In 1971, she studied Primary One in St Paul's Convent School. Her merchant-class family emigrated from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom when she was a child. Cheung spent part of her childhood and adolescence in the UK. She returned to Hong Kong in 1982 for vacation, but ended up staying for modeling assignments. Soon she got a salesgirl job at a Japanese department store as well. In 1983, she entered the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant contest. She won second place and also bagged the Miss Photogenic award. She was a semi-finalist in the Miss World pageant the same year.

Prior to 1988, Maggie’s screen appearance was often limited to eye candy roles. One of Cheung's notable movie roles then is that of "May", the girlfriend of police detective "Kevin" Chan Ka Kui in Jackie Chan's ''Police Story'' movies . Maggie frequently cited her performance in the movie '''' , her first of many collaborations with film director Wong Kar-Wai 王家衛, as the piece that truly began her serious acting career. Maggie Cheung is famous for being a talented multi-lingual actress. In ''Centre Stage'', she performed in , and Shanghainese fluently, switching languages with ease. In '''', she performed in fluent , , and a smattering of . Unlike most traditional actors in Hong Kong who are monolingual, she is a polyglot as a result of her upbringing.

Audiences outside Asia have become increasingly familiar with her work, including her roles in ''Centre Stage'' , ''In the Mood for Love'', ''Irma Vep'', '''', '''', and, most recently, ''''.

She married French director Olivier Assayas in 1998 but divorced him in 2001. Their relationship remained amicable, however, as in 2004 Cheung made her award-winning movie ''Clean'' with him. As part of her portrayal of the drug-addicted aspiring singer Emily Wang in ''Clean'', Maggie Cheung performed songs written by David Roback of Mazzy Star.

On 7 February, 2007, ''The New York Times'' rated Maggie Cheung as one of the 22 Great Performers in 2006 for her winning role Emily in ''Clean''.
After 25 years of making movies, Cheung is deciding to retire from acting and pursue a career as a film composer. She allows that there might be room for an occasional comedic role, but she would like to paint and compose music, after fulfilling her acting potential.


* Berlin International Film Festival
** Best Actress of Silver Berlin Bear for ''Centre Stage'' 阮玲玉
* Cannes Film Festival
** Best Actress for ''''
* Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards
** Best Actress of Golden Horse Award for ''Full Moon in New York'' 人在紐約
** Best Supporting Actress of Golden Horse Award for '''' 滾滾紅塵
** Best Actress of Golden Horse Award for ''Centre Stage'' 阮玲玉
** Best Actress of Golden Horse Award for '''' 甜蜜蜜
** Best Actress of Golden Horse Award for ''In the Mood for Love'' 花樣年華
* Hawaii International Film Festival
** Award for Achievement in Acting
* Hong Kong Film Awards
** Best Actress of Hong Kong Film Award for ''A Fishy Story'' 不脫襪的人
** Best Actress of Hong Kong Film Award for ''Centre Stage'' 阮玲玉
** Best Actress of Hong Kong Film Award for ''Comrades, Almost a Love Story'' 甜蜜蜜
** Best Actress of Hong Kong Film Award for '''' 宋家皇朝
** Best Actress of Hong Kong Film Award for ''In the Mood for Love'' 花樣年華
* Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards
** Best Actress of HKFCS Award for ''Comrades, Almost a Love Story'' 甜蜜蜜

TV Drama


* 日落巴黎 Sunset in Paris Starring : Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Cherie Chung

Katie Leung

Katie Liu Leung is a , best known for playing Cho Chang, 's love interest in the film versions of the J. K. Rowling novels '''' and ''''. She is set to reprise the role in '''' due out 17 July, 2009. Also set for the Disney's Animated Movie "Mulan" .


Personal life

Leung was born in , North Lanarkshire to Peter and Kar Wai Li Leung. Her parents are now divorced, and she currently resides with her father , two brothers, and a sister.

Her father runs a restaurant in Glasgow, as well as a wholesale business in Chinese cuisine. Besides , Leung can also speak some and a few words of . Leung attended , a Scottish independent school in , South Lanarkshire. She currently lives in London.

Leung has been named as Scotland's most female and as the "hottest" Scotswoman by ''The Scotsman''.


Leung's father saw an advertisement for a casting call for '''' and suggested she try out. She waited for four hours in line for her five minute audition. Two weeks later she was called for a workshop and was later offered the part of Cho. More than 3,000 other girls had been considered for the part, including actresses Courtney Webb and Michelle Ang. She stated in an interview with the '''' that her Scottish accent probably gave her an edge in the casting.

Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry, said that Leung is ''"awesome"'' and a ''"really amazing actress"''. Her best friend on set was Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny Weasley in the films. Leung delayed plans to go to and university in order to film ''''. In the film, Leung and Radcliffe share an on-screen kiss, a fact that received much media attention.

When asked whether she will be back for the sixth film, Leung responded, ''"I don't think so. Cho's mentioned briefly in the books, but they try to cram so much into the films that I don't think there'll be room for her."'' However, in an interview at the ''Order of the Phoenix'' DVD Launch in November 2007, she said she would be filming scenes for the film in January 2008.

In July 2007, Leung was cast by Gold Label Records, a subsidiary of EMI in Hong Kong, to be the female lead in the music video ''Love Coming Home'' by Leo Ku. Leung filmed the movie in London while promoting the new Harry Potter film. Leo described Leung's acting as "professional" and "mature".

Leung is signed up to play Hsui Tai in the episode "Cat Among the Pigeons" of ITV1's ''Agatha Christie's Poirot'', alongside David Suchet,premiering on ITV, September 21, 2008.